When I was about twelve I realised that the only way to succeed was to push oneself to the front of the crowd and announce your brilliance. Up until then I'd been waiting for someone to spot that I was a champion runner or a superb and moving actress (yes women actors were called actresses in those long ago days) or a budding best-selling author.

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So armed with this amazing new knowledge I did nothing. Being pushy didn'tseem the right way to behave. Polite people put others first. Especially if they were female. I couldn't help it: in spite of recognising what I should do, I waited to be discovered. Waited. And waited. And now I've stopped waiting. This website is a shameless attempt to tell the world that I'm a writer. That my novel 'Archie's Daughter'was published on 5th August 2012 by reallybluebooks.com (no, in spite of the name, not a porn site but an excellent and discerning publisher of e-books). Sadly after several years of producing great e-books RBB decided to close down. Nonetheless Arche's Daughter is available from Amazon. So go to the Amazon, buy my book, tell all your friends about it and ask them to pass the good news onto their friends. Here's the Press Release written by my publisher, here's a section from the novel and I've listed below some of the places were you can read lovely reviews and other stuff of Archie's Daughter which, I'm happy to say readers seem to rate highly.

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More about me. Although English, I am now settled in beautiful New Zealand. (The photo below was taken from a nearby pub where my partner and I sometimes go for lunch.) I have also lived in Nigeria, Switzerland and France. I've had a number of careers: mother of two daughters, academic, IT consultant, bakery owner and manager, freelance journalist. As well as novels I write short stories that have been broadcast or published. I've put 3 of them on this site for you to read. I'm the assistant fiction editor of Takahe, a New Zealand literary magazine, and from time to time teach creative writing. I try to inspire my students, give them the so-called rules of producing fiction, encourage them to break these frequently and tell them that the only way to become a good or even great writer is by writing. If you'd like to get in touch to say nice things here is my email address:

Other places to visit:

Takahe Magazine - takahe.org.nz
My friend Rocky who's a wonderful writer -rockyhudson.co.nz
Links to my stories:

You can buy Archie's Daughter from the following: